Keep It Simple !!!


Yes, i love simple and simplicity. It can be seen on my new theme. I use theme from A. Mignolo, Oulipo.

A clean grid-based theme with fixed navigation which comes in light and dark variants.

With combination of black and white, it makes my blog looks cool, elegant, modern, and – of course – simple. Because i love simple and simplicity.

Simplicity not only for theme, but also the concept of writing. I’m started for using English for posting. *But sorry if my English is very very bad*. For next, I want to make a simple and easy-to-understand posting.

Nothing is perfect. It applies for me, too. I believe -and very sure- there’re so many mistake in this blog. So, don’t to be tired to comment on my blog. Just like me who will never be tired to write and share my experience to you.

Thank you..

Best regards,



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Loves programming and photography :)

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