[New] Kernel Linux 3.2 Sudah Dirilis

Setelah tujuh kali mengeluarkan rilis kandidat, Linus Torvalds mengumumkan pada tanggal 4 Januari 2012, ketersediaan download segera untuk kernel Linux 3.2.

Di antara fitur-fitur baru yang ada pada kernel Linux 3.2 ini, kita bisa menyebut dukungan yang lebih baik untuk file besar dengan mendukung ukuran blok yang lebih besar dari 4KB dan sampai 1MB di EXT4, batas atas dari waktu CPU sekarang bisa ditetapkan dalam proses scheduler, banyak perbaikan Btrfs, dan masih banyak lagi.

Berikut ini pernyataan dari Linus Torvalds (link):

So 3.2 is out, and the merge window for 3.3 is thus officially open.

I delayed 3.2 first a few days to wait for the final linux-next (“final” in the sense that that’s what I’ll fetch to decide whether something has been in linux-next for 3.3 or not), and then some more as people were coming back from holidays and sorting out some regressions. So we do have a few last-minute reverts and small fixes.

Still, there’s not a whole lot of changes since -rc7 (shortlog appended), and almost all of them are *tiny*. So despite the few annoying last-minute reverts, I’m feeling pretty happy about it.

Highlights of Linux Kernel 3.2:

· Support for bigger block sizes in EXT4;
· Faster scrubbing, detailed corruption messages, automatic backup of tree roots, and manual inspection of metadata in Btrfs;
· Process bandwith controller;
· Support for the Hexagon architecture;
· Thin provisioning and recursive snapshots in the Device Mapper;
· I/O-less dirty throttling, reduce filesystem writeback from page reclaim;
· TCP Proportional Rate Reduction;
· Improved live profiling tool “perf top”;
· Cross memory attach.

Kernel Linux 3.2 juga membawa banyak perbaikan untuk berbagai filesystem yang didukung, seperti ext3, CIFS, JFFS2, EXOFS, NFS, GFS2, dan squashfs.

Changelog lengkap bisa dilihat disini. Download via Softpedia disini.


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